Hidden Gambia Holidays - Adventure & wildlife on the Gambia River

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About Hidden Gambia Holidays

Adventure holidays off the beaten track to explore up-river Gambia by boat and road. Discover the rich variety of birds, wildlife and people that live along the river banks of this peaceful West African country.

Hidden Gambia is the leading provider of Adventure and Wildlife holidays on the Gambia River. In a country with a limited travel infrastructure, you'll find our unique weekly schedule of boats, vehicles & guides makes it easy to create your own customised holiday to The Gambia. You will travel up and down the river in the company of an expert local birds & wildlife guide and a small number of fellow travellers (a strict maximum of 12 people) to explore The Gambia's most outstanding areas of natural beauty. Vastly more interesting than a hotel-based package holiday and infinitely more relaxed than a rigid "follow-the-leader" style group tour, you'll get to stay at a selection of hand-picked small hotels and eco-lodges - at the coast and up-river.

  • Birdwatching paradise - over 540 species!
  • Expert Gambian safari guides
  • Small group sizes (ca. 4-12 per guide)
  • Travel largely by river boat
  • See hippos, monkeys & chimpanzees
  • Relax on a tropical river island
  • Meet the people and appreciate the culture
  • Freshwater tiger fish and coastal seafishing
"I can't think why anyone would go to The Gambia and not go up river!" - Graham & Lena Condell
"Independent travel - without the hassle" - Henri Copeland
"I'd love to sail up the Gambia River on your solar-powered boat" - Simon King OBE
Northern Carmine Bee-eater Welcome to The Gambia! See hippos in the wild
We have a strong commitment to the local environment and actively help ensure that the custodians of this environment benefit from its protection.